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Lysa Shook

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Lysa Shook

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Lysa Shook

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Emberlin Elias comes from a political family. She has a career, friends, family, and love. All it takes is for one person and then one trip to turn it all around and she questions the one person she's always believed in, herself.


Continuum, Book 1

My life was upended when my fiancé left. I tried to focus on work with a humanitarian trip abroad and that didn't go according to plan. Now, I'm back in country with a foreign child who's become my focus while everything else around me continues to spin out of control. Deep breaths.


The Pendulum Swings, Book 2

Three years ago, I met a man online and we immediately bonded after I pinged him. The only problem, he was there for his hookups, and I was there for an understanding, of sorts.


What I didn't know was, he wouldn't be the only man from that dating app to stick around and that's where things got complicated.




I heard someone say that if you read the first page of a book it should make you want to turn to the next page, right? I started's definitely making me want to know more.

Carly H.

I really enjoyed this story, and I can't wait to see what happens next! This one was full of surprises, and I loved it all.

Jovana S., Unforeseen Editing

It kept me intrigued. Loved character development with all the little things that made them all come to life.

Celia B.



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Lysa Shook moonlights as a writer while maintaining her full-time job that has no quit.


Her stories are contemporary fiction with strong female characters. Happy endings are optional and the plot twists are real.


Lysa currently resides in Northern California and dreams of the day when wide open spaces are her reality and she doesn’t go to sleep to dream.



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